RLTRpro – Yearly

Personalized Business Card

You will receive a form upon purchasing to fill out the information related to your business card. For standard cards we do not accept changes in the layout of the card, however you can change the font color, background color, and button text upon request. You will be allowed 3 changes to your card within the first week of purchase. 

Sharing Card

We will also create a card which displays your Name, JobQR code, and a button to share your QR code via text message. We will send you a PDF to create a one-click shortcut to your QR card, so you never have to go looking for it. When sharing your business card, pull up your QR card to be scanned a phones camera and your business card will be automatically sent. 

QR Code as PNG

You will also receive a .png of your QR code so you can advertise your business card however you would like. We suggest putting the QR code on flyers, brochures, or even signs to give customers quick access to your information.