RLTR sync - Empowering Real Estate Success: Cutting-Edge Tools for the Modern Agent

Elevate your real estate practice to new heights with our cutting-edge RealConnect and EntryPointPro. Tailored for the modern real estate professional, these tools—RealConnect for digital business cards and EntryPointPro for open house management—enhance client engagement, streamline paperwork processes, and boost your visibility in the bustling real estate industry.

Compatible with all smartphones. Both iPhones and Androids

No App Required by either party. Works on all devices.


Streamlined Open House Management Software.


The future of open house management.

The revolutionary open house sign-in solution that elevates the way real estate agents and buyers connect. By simply scanning a QR code, visitors are welcomed with a digital sign-in sheet, streamlining their entry with no hassle. Documents are effortlessly pre-populated and signed on the spot, with instant delivery to agents and buyers. EntryPointPro integrates seamlessly with agents' dashboards for efficient lead management and ensures timely follow-ups with automated reminders. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of EntryPointPro, where every interaction is an opportunity.

Effortless Digital Sign-In

EntryPointPro revolutionizes the open house experience with a QR code-based digital sign-in sheet, eliminating paperwork and making the process seamless for visitors and agents alike.

Quick And Easy Setup

Getting started with EntryPointPro couldn't be simpler. Designed with ease of use in mind, our setup process is streamlined to ensure you're up and running in just seconds.

Comprehensive Lead Management

Easily integrate sign-in data into the agent's dashboard, with options for .csv download or direct CRM integration, simplifying lead tracking and management.

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Automated Document Handling

Instantly pre-populate and sign essential documents on any smartphone, streamlining the entry-to-completion process with unmatched efficiency and precision. EntryPointPro not only simplifies paperwork but ensures all agents remain in full compliance with state laws, safeguarding accuracy and legal integrity in every transaction. Upon completion, documents are automatically sent to both agents and buyers, ensuring a seamless exchange of information. This hassle-free solution enhances the open house experience, allowing agents to focus on client interactions while confidently managing compliance, documentation, and communication.

Efficient Sign-in Process

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we offer a swift and seamless entry method that not only saves time but ensures every participant's information is securely handled. This streamlined approach minimizes wait times and eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork, allowing guests to focus on the property's features rather than logistical delays.

Automated Follow Ups

Streamline communication by sending timely, personalized messages to open house visitors, nurturing leads and enhancing engagement without additional effort from agents

Enhanced Security and Privacy

We guarantee that all leads collected through our platform are exclusively yours. Under no circumstances do we sell or distribute your data. Enhanced security measures ensure that every piece of information is protected.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Embrace sustainability with our digital sign-in process. By transitioning to an electronic system, you're not only streamlining operations but also making an environmentally responsible choice.

Say Goodbye To Sign In Sheets

With EntryPointPro, we're bringing the open house experience into the digital age. Imagine your guests signing in with just a quick scan of their phone - no pens, no paper, just a smooth start to their visit. This isn't just about going paperless; it's about offering a sign-in solution that's as smart and sophisticated as your properties. EntryPointPro keeps things quick, secure, and impressively modern, ensuring you leave a lasting impression before you've even shaken hands. Welcome to the future of open houses.


Broaden Your Network, Elevate Your Presence


Digital Business Cards Designed Exclusively For Real Estate Agents

The ultimate digital business card solution tailored specifically for real estate professionals. Engineered to revolutionize the way real estate agents connect and showcase their expertise, RealConnect offers a suite of powerful features. From effortlessly adding contacts with a single click to dynamically listing properties for sale, open houses, recent sales, and glowing testimonials—every tool you need is at your fingertips. Amplify your presence with integrated social media links, and share your digital card through a variety of channels, including text, QR codes, social media, and even on realty signs. RealConnect empowers you to make a lasting impression, ensuring your network is not just wide but deep, paving the way for endless opportunities in the real estate world.

RealConnects Proprietary Features

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Share Information Instantly

Share your information in person or across the globe in seconds. Share with a tap, scan, or send.


Tap one of our accessories to a smart phone to share your virtual card instantly.


Share your custom QR code in person or on marketing material to share your card.


Send your virtual business card as a text, email, airdrop or more to share your card.

Add Contacts With A Click
Show Recently Sold Homes
List Properties For Sale
List Upcoming Open Houses
Add Unlimited Quick Links
Add A Personal Video
Embeded File Viewer
Update Information Anytime
Lead Forms For Buyers
Share Your Social Media
Lead Forms For Sellers
Add Client Testimonials
Built-in Lead Generation
Custom QR code

and so much more...


Stop sending pictures of your business card to clients. Send your virtual card as a text so they can instantly add your contact information with one click.


Share your card with a simple tap. Check out our contactless and reusable accessories to make your RLTRcard even more versatile.


Your card will automatically create a custom QR code. This will be displayed on your card but can also be added to ALL of your marketing material to make it easy for clients to get in touch.


Share your card with a simple tap. Check out our contactless and reusable accessories to make your virtual business card even more versatile.

RealConnect Cards

NFC Enabled, Reuseable Business Cards

Elevate your networking game with RealConnect Cards, now NFC-enabled for the ultimate convenience in professional interactions. These cutting-edge digital business cards allow real estate agents to share their contact information, property listings, and professional profiles with a simple tap against a smartphone. No more fumbling with paper cards or manual entry—just a sleek, efficient exchange that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you're at a bustling open house or a casual meet-up, your RealConnect Card instantly transfers your digital presence into the hands of potential clients and partners, seamlessly integrating technology into every handshake. Welcome to the forefront of real estate networking, where RealConnect Cards open doors to new opportunities with just a touch.

Additional Features

Available For Both Platforms

Sync Your New Connections

Automatically manage all of your new connections

As a proud Zapier partner, we offer integrations with over 5,000 diverse apps. Upon gaining a new connection, you'll receive an email notification, but the possibilities extend far beyond. Effortlessly funnel new connections into your CRM, dispatch automated emails, and explore a plethora of additional functionalities.

Send Leads To Your CRM

Compatible with most real estate CRM software

Upon acquiring a new lead, their contact information is instantly integrated into your CRM. This includes individuals who add your contact details, submit a buy/sell inquiry, or fill out an open house registration form, ensuring seamless lead management and follow-up.

Download All Leads In Excel

Streamline your lead management with the capability to download all leads to Excel, encompassing contacts from both your digital business cards and open house sign-ins. This feature not only simplifies the organization and analysis of your valuable lead data but also ensures you can effortlessly upload these comprehensive sheets directly into your CRM system. By providing a unified, easy-to-navigate spreadsheet of every potential client interaction, we empower you to maintain an efficient, cohesive strategy for nurturing and converting leads across your real estate activities.

RLTRsync For Your Company

RLTRsync stands at the forefront of real estate technology, offering innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate the digital world with the dynamic landscape of property marketing and management. At the heart of our mission is the drive to empower real estate professionals with tools that not only streamline operations but also enhance the client experience. From digital business cards that open up new networking horizons to sophisticated open house sign-in systems that capture and nurture leads, RLTRsync is dedicated to revolutionizing the way realtors connect, engage, and succeed in today’s market. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and security ensures that every interaction through RLTRsync elevates your professional presence, setting a new standard for excellence in real estate technology.